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By Hazel

A tattoo can be done anywhere on your body the way you like but you will want to be extremely careful about some areas that might be super sensitive or fragile. Some places lead the tattoo to fade, stretch or warp with skin. Placing your tattoo based on the design and vision at the right place is very important. Here are a few places that you can definitely select to get your tattoo done.

1. Forearm-

Tattoos on a forearm always mark a statement. A lot of men and women select the forearm to flaunt their tattoo and their story as a statement of fashion.

But it is important to consider that a forearm tattoo cannot be hidden. It might be something that concerns people at work or certain other situations. But now, society is more progressive.

You might want to think of multiple things before you get a forearm tattoo!

2. Back of the neck-

Back of the neck was most popular among women but slowly even men started to use this spot for tattooing.

This spot is the best if you want to show off your tattoo and if you don't want to then you can hide it with your hair but if your design is a big one and extends down to the spine then you are going to feel extreme pain while getting that done.

At this spot you don't have to cram your design but can let it go free flow and get the perfect finish.

3. Ankle -

If you are looking for a perfect spot on you to get a small tattoo then your ankles are the best place. Get cute and sexy tattoos which you like. The advantage of this area is that you can leave them unnoticed and not grab attention if you feel like and also flaunt it when you need to.

A word caution that you need to be careful when you are getting this as it is close to your bone and might hurt.

4. Finger-

Your small tattoos, minimalistic tattoos, word tattoos all can go on your finger.

Your finger is fragile, soft and there are chances it could hurt but if you have ideas of getting small sized tattoos then this is the best spot for you. You can also get small word tattoos on your finger.

Finger tattoos are minimalistic and sexy. Get your today from the best tattoo artist in Footscray.

5. Biceps-

The video is the best location to display your tattoos. The biceps become a great area to flaunt your tattoos as you can make a big tattoo with more space in the area. The pain level of this place is not much.

Get a tattoo at any place that you want but choose the best artist for your tattoo. Come to tattoo zone Footscray for the best tattoo experience.

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