Legendary Japanese Tiger Tattoo and its significance

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By Hazel

The image of a Tiger often used for Japanese tattoos is an image that symbolises royalty and courage.

The Tiger tends to signify strength, fearlessness and a willingness to protect the weak: the significance of the Tiger traces back to the past, and goes as old as a renowned tale of a famous Japanese King. Tattoos in Japan are traced back to the era of world war II and have been a part of culture since then.

People have always been fond of having the Japanese tiger tattoo as it has a mystical beauty and carries a lot of symbolism to many people. At Tattoozone Footscray, we have our founder who is a strong bond with the Japanese culture and shares a greater sense of passion towards tattooing.

Here are some legendary tiger tattoos of Japanese art -

The legendary Tiger Japanese is an all time favorite among many of our clients. The tiger tattoo is also believed to ward off evil spirits and bad luck, as well as diseases.

Some of the other traditional Japanese tattoos include the Dragon Tattoos, word tattoos, snake tattoos, Fu tattoos and much more.

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